Mole Control / Mole Chaser

Repels : Mole Control / Mole chaser from TELE NET have been Manufactured to repeal SNAKES / RODENTS / RATS etc. from your efected area.
Being safe this electronic device can be place in multiple area.
Used at : TELE NET Mole Control/Mole chaser canbe used to get rid off Snakes, Rats, Rodents, Pocket Mice, Moles,Gophers Kangaroo, Rats etc. This equipment are able to keep Snaks Rats & Rodents etc. away from Firm House, Hotel, Agro-Field,Banglo, lawn, Flower beds, plantations, Ball fields, Orchards, Green House , Golf Courses and Vegitable/Fruits Gardens.
Specifications : Power Supply : Battery Power / Solar Power (Optional)
    Effective Area : 1000 Sq mts. (10000 sqft.) appx.
    Repeals : Snakes Rodents Rats etc.