TELE NET is India's leader in Acoustics, Bio Acoustics & Ultrasonic equipments for many users. Our wide range of pest control devices include the modern ultrasonic pest control and electronic pest control. Our non toxic non chemical ultrasonic pest repellers and sonic pest repellers are excellent at controlling pests such as rats, mice, ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, moles, gophers, squirrels, birds, bats and many crawling insects for homes, offices, industries, farms, warehouses, cold storages, hangers, gardens, aqua farms, etc.

Unlike most other pest repellers in the market, technology has been used in developed countries and of course absolutely environment friendly so no need to destroy pests, keep pests away naturally.

TELE NET's policy is to provide non lethal, non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically safe & sound products.