General Pest Control   Electronic Pest Control
  Toxic Chemicals     No Toxic Chemicals
  Works on surface pests only     Works on surface pests and gets into the walls
  Degrades with environment     Keeps working 24 hrs/7 days/365 days a year
  Unsafe for family and pets     Safe for family and pets
  Strangers enter the home (technicians)     No Strangers (technicians)
  Wait time to be serviced     Serviced on the spot.
  Repeat service     One time for life
  Very expensive Rs.300/-to1500/-     Small one time cost
  Costs Rs.3,000-15,000 over 10 years     Costs Pennies per year in Electricity
  Very invasive     Non-invasive
  Pests build up a tolerance     Pests cannot build up a tolerance
  Toxic Residuals     No residuals (no chemicals involved)
  Spray 30 cents worth of chemical     No chemicals sprayed
  Varies in quality     L & T
  Makes Pests disappear temporarily     always the same high quality
  Can cause respiratory problems     Makes Pests disappear Permanently
  Carcinogenic     No respiratory hazards
  Special License Required     Non-Carcinogenic
  Messy     No License required
  Regular Bill (annual, monthly etc.)     Clean
  Kills Animals, pests, and even Birds     No Bill
  Surprise visit from Exterminators     PEPSICO INDIA HOLDINGS PVT. LTD.