Ultrasonic Water Treatment

Units Are Used In: Every Sump And Over Head Tank, Cooling Towers, Lakes, Creeks & Rivers, Pools, Ponds And Fountains, Water-Features, Municipal Lakes And Water Amenities Public Water Features. Potable Water Treatment. Water Treatment Plants, Reservoirs, Dammed Water, Drinking Water Protection And Treatment, Swimming Pools - Public And Domestic, Food Processing, Receiving Water Ponds, Horticultural Industry ,Greenhouses, Fisheries Sport And Commercial, Fish Farms, Aquarium, Fish Tanks, Garden Ponds, Fish Breeding Pools And Fish Ponds.

The TELE NET SONIC / ULTRASONIC water conditioning device that kills algae in an environmentally friendly way without having to add excessive amounts of chlorine into the pool to achieve both disinfection and algae removal. The swimmers will also appreciate the reduced chlorine requirements in the water where high levels can cause considerable eye irritation, damage to their swim wear and hair, and the sharp penetrating, unpleasant smell. Chlorine and all chemicals not only are damaging the environment, but cost the swimming pool owner money week in and week out for treatment.

The TELE NET SONIC / ULTRASONIC water conditioning device also kills the obstinate black algae which grow between the joints of ceramic or marmot tiles. Once dead, these algae are easily removed, never to return to your pool.

An extra advantage of the device is that the slimy green layer (bio-film) which forms on the sides of a swimming pool will loosen from the walls and can be easily cleaned. A swimming pool requires the regular addition of some disinfecting medium, because of dirt and urine that enter the water from time to time. The overall additions of chemicals will be greatly reduced and hardly needed with the elimination of algae by the TELE NET SONIC / ULTRASONIC water conditioning device.

The TELE NET SONIC / ULTRASONIC water conditioning device was purposely designed for private swimming pools in that it is economical in price and power consumption, yet uses the same technical precision and quality as the more industrial TELE NET ULTRASONIC algae killing devices.

The TELE NET ULTRASONIC water conditioning device will also help keep the pH value of the pool water more stable due to lower chemical treatment loading. The device starts functioning from the moment the transducer is put into the pool water. It should be installed in an inconspicuous place (for example behind the pool ladder). The electronic control box needs to be mounted in a dry covered place, such as a tool shed or garage or an exterior water-proof utility box. If this electronic control box is protected from sunshine and water, the overall life span of your unit will be extended.

For bio swimming pools the TELE NET ULTRASONIC water conditioning device is indispensable, as in these kinds of pools chemicals cannot be used at all. Some builders of bio swimming pools integrate the TELE NET SONIC / ULTRASONIC water conditioning device right away in their construction from the beginning as an extra service for their clients.

Of course the same device can be used in similar medium sized water volumes like small lakes, natural ponds and water volumes within its range of effectiveness.

Installation is quite simple:

The electronic box needs to be mounted in a dry, covered place.

Like all outdoor power supplies, Earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is mandatory and is required by most state electrical codes. The typical household 5 Amps power supply is required. Solar panel electrical units can be provided for remote locations or for those where the cost of providing a power outlet is high or difficult to reach.

Do not coil any excess wire to the transducer as this can set up an induction field and reduce the signal output power. Either criss-cross the excess cord (Z pattern) and secure it with electrical tie straps or the cord can be shortened from the end that plugs into the circuit box. Please inquire for shortening instructions if needed.

After putting the plug from the transducer cable into the corresponding socket of the electronic box, place the transducer in a suitable location in the water so that the front "looks" through the water mass and covers as much as possible of the water that has to be treated.
The unit begins operation the moment it is plugged in to the power source. A red light will indicate that the ultrasonic signal is being sent to the transducer (in the water). At no time is electrical current being placed in the water. The power is used to vibrate the face of the transducer to create the ultrasonic wave pulse.

The ultrasonic wave pulses leave the transducer (opposite end of the power signal input cord) in a 176º arc (semi-circle pattern) expanding vertically and horizontally outward. Within a day or two you may begin to observe the first results under a microscope. As the algae are destroyed, many of them will float to the surface. When you see this you can be assured the unit is operating properly. You can leave the dead algae to decay naturally or remove it to speed up the overall process. If a lot of the algae float up, it can reduce the signal reflections that bounce from the water surface and reduce the signal power beyond it.



POWER CONSUMPTION: 10 WATTS PER HOUR COVERAGE OF TREATMENT- EACH UNIT APROX. 5 Meters @ 180 Degree Arc 5 Mhz. (900 – 1000 Cubic Meter)

Eco friendly electronic micro vibrating device for water purification system in Bulk Water as well as Municipal Water Treatment Plants.


  Enhances Coagulation time
  Reduces Sedimentation time by constant micro vibration technology
  Reduces "Chemical" use for the above reasons.
  Maintains absorbed- oxygen balance; almost within B.O.D limit.
  Releases the absorbed NH3, CO2 etc. effectively in quicker time.

REMARKS : In laboratory; please do a trial with activated Alumina (which can be Recycled) and do a comparative study verses PAC.